Tours & Dates

Literary Pub Crawl | $15.00 per ticket
Stroll through a town almost 250 years old with stops at three pubs and hear from writers who spent time here including the granddaughter of a founder, a Secretary of the Navy, a U. S. Ambassador to Spain, the first truly American writer (at least according to Wm. Faulkner) and an editor at The Baltimore Sun.
First Thursday of every month – 7:00 PM
Tickets are $15.00 (does not include drinks).
Tour takers must be a minimum of 21 years old.

P. S. I Love You | $12.00 per ticket

A romantic evening of letters and writings from the hearts of historic figures connected to Ellicott City including a U. S. President, a Civil War General, America’s most famous literary icon, as well as the” Sage of Baltimore” and others.
February 10, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Spirits of the Patapsco Valley | $12.00 per ticket

The river valley could indeed be the true area where the Industrial Revolution began in the United States. It is home to the birth of railroading in America with the Baltimore and Ohio’s first thirteen miles of commercial rails from Baltimore City to then Ellicott’s Mills. It boasts the first underwater hydroelectric plant in the world at Bloede Dam and the Thomas Viaduct, a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. In the realm of the unexplained, visitors to the region claim to have seen UFO’s, bigfoot type creatures, Gnomes (yes, Gnomes) and, of course, Ghosts. The latter is the focus of this presentation.
Next tour date to be announced.

The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe | $12.00 per ticket

Poe, a remarkable and interesting writer, is, indeed, remarkable and interesting in his relationships with the opposite sex. In his 40 years he was connected in some way with no less than 7 women. What is probably his most famous poem, The Raven, was written to commemorate love. The attending physician at his death had requests from no less than 50 women for a lock of his hair. We have created a special tribute to Mr. Poe and his loves which we will present twice a year.
October 7, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Ladies About Town | $12.00 per ticket

A founder of Swarthmore College, an undertaker and her sons, the richest woman in Howard County, the author of 2 novels and 7 scientific texts, a possible saint in the Catholic Church and a myriad of highly successful entrepreneurs! All are connected to Ellicott City!
Next tour date to be announced.

Colorful Characters | $12.00 per ticket

It’s a lot like Ripley’s:  a Miami tribe chief, a Secretary of State, a President, the Wheelbarrow Lunatic, the “King of the Wild Frontier”, the Washington Monument, “The Bambino”, Phoebe Ann Mosey, Our very own saint?, Ellicott City’s Mr. Entertainment and more – “Believe it or not” they all have a connection to Ellicott City!
Next tour date to be announced.

A Town Torn | $12.00 per ticket

Ellicott City during the Civil War: John Brown’s Raid, a 1,000 man Union Army Camp, the Patapsco Guards, Southern Sympathizers, a gun that could fire 250 rounds per minute, a tomb of unknown soldiers and a bit of Romance and Poetry.
Next tour date to be announced. 

Ellicott City – Shadows and Spectres | $12.00 per ticket

Dinner with the Devil, Demon trees, Door # 13, Lure of the Pukwudgies – are they real or imagined people in the river valley?, Murderous overnight guests?, Water & Granite – Home Sweet Home for those who have not yet completed their journey, Cries and Whispers at almost every turn.
Next tour date to be announced. 

Innovators of the Patapsco River Valley | $12.00 per ticket

Spend some time with us and learn about: The wealthiest man in America when our nation was born; a free African American who corresponded with the drafter of the Declaration of Independence; the oldest person ever nominated to run for President of the United States;  the mentor and teacher of Meriwether Lewis just prior to the Lewis and Clark Expedition; the builders of the first piers at Pratt Street in Baltimore; a man born in Dresden Germany who would ultimately hold 30 patents in the United States!, A Portrait Painter who Revolutionized Communication,  A B & O Surveyor who built a National Historic Landmark and others!
Next tour date to be announced. 

Catonsville’s Barons of Industry | $12.00 per ticket

Doctors, Lawyers, Shipping Magnates, Real Estate Moguls, Inventors, Hoteliers, Banker’s. Philanthropists and Educators – They all called Catonsville home when it became a summer retreat as they built grand homes and knew even then that life would be great in 21228! 
Next tour date to be announced.